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Submittion Info and Help

Hello everypony. Welcome to the group homepage of Bronies-of-the-World. What's it involve? MLP of course. You can Submit anything and everything and we will look at it. I'm sure submitting to our categories is simple but some have a bit of rules behind them. Here is a quick break-down over every category and what the have to hold. This can change in the future with new folders or updates to current ones.

Character Folders
The main area of our Group. These must only have 1 pony in the picture and submitted to that pony folder (Ex: Twilight in picture, submit to Twilight Sparkle) No two or three in the picture. Just that character. Some pony folders may revolve around two or more ponies (Cutie Mark Crusaders), Again, only one pony in the picture yet the folder can hold multiple different ponies. (Ex: CMC Folder can hold Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo pictures) If you find a picture with two or more ponies, please submit them the the "Two or More" Folder.

Original Character
This folder is OC's only. Hand drawn, Pony Maker, whatever. Just like the pony folders though, only one OC in each picture. If there is A) An OC with a Major pony (Mane 6, Princesses), Submit it to the "OC w Major Ponies" Folder. B) An OC with a Minor or Background pony (Vinyl, Big mac), Submit to "OC w Minor Ponies" and C) If there is two or more OC's in the picture, submit to "Two or More OC's" Folder

Here's where the rules start get a bit more strict. In order to submit to this Folder, it must be Rule 34, Semi-Rule 34, or Saucy. Basically if it can make somepony get a wingboner, it goes here. It can be one character, or even two or more. There's no restrictions on how many ponies are in the picture or even if an OC is in it. The picture dosent need to have a age restriction set on it, though a warning one would be very appreciated for most of them.

This folder is for those who like ponies mixed with stuff graphical like blood, gore, dismemberment, etc. To submit to this one, the picture MUST be quite graphical and, again, recommended to have an age warning. Simple thing like a cut or a bit of blood are not enough to be considered graphical and can be submitted to the normal pony folders. However if it's something like "Cupcakes" or similar to that as an example, It must go here.

Shipping is when you put two or more ponies in a romantic setting (Ex: Twilight and Fluttershy in the woods) This is more-or-less a minor version of the erotic folder. Not as intense as it but still give that feel. For it to be shipping, it can be simple stuff like kissing, hugging, blushing, etc. No age warnings are recommended.

well, what else would go here. This is were every comic must be submitted. Normal, Erotic, Graphical, Shipping, etc. If it's in the form a comic strip, It goes here. Age restrictions not need

Desktop Backgrounds
Any picture that was made to a for of a Desktop Background must go here. However, nothing graphical or Erotic. Shipping related backgrounds are allowed. If it's Graphical or Erotic, submit it to corresponding folder.

Fan made plushies or one bought from the store go here. If its a plushie, it goes here. no matter what it is.

Fan Fictions
All Fan Fiction submissions go here. Whether it be Happy, Sad, Shipping, Erotic, Graphical, etc. Only the Fan Fics that really need the Age warning must have it.

Captation Pictures
Anything submitted here must be both A. My Little Pony (Duh) and B. Must have some type of captation on it to make it funny, random or whatever. GIF Images don't count

All art that has a pony Genderswapped (Mane 6 as Colts, Big Mac as a Mare, etc..) Goes here. Act's a lot like the Character folder's. Only one Pony. If there's two or more, Submit to the "2 or more Characters" Folder

Custom Made
This is where you submit stuff that is custom made by the fans. Stuff like pendents, necklaces, shirts, etc... The only custom made stuff that doesn't go here is the Plushie's. Those go to the Plushie folder.

This is where you can submit pictures and photos of the fans cos-playing (dressing up as...) as one of the ponies from the show.

This is where you'll submit those stamp things. I'm not 100% sure how to explain them but there basically really small GIF animations (I think).

This where you submit stuff that has MLP with other stuff that isn't MLP. Random Example's would be Fluttershy in Skyrim, Twilight in Diablo 3, Rainbow Dash as the Scout from Team Fortress 2. Just so Examples.

This folder is where you will submit stuff if you don't know where it should go or it dosent seem to fit in any other folder. If I feel that a picture in here can fit into another folder, we will move it to the corresponding folder.

Group Info

We Take in everything. Fan-Art, FanFics, everything. Even 34. The only thing we ask that you don't submit is stuff that is showing hate too the show or fandom. Have fun and enjoy the Art
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